• How do I access The Quick Start to Multifamily Investing?

    Once you have signed-in to the online training, you are able to select Quick Start to Multifamily Investing? Once you select The Quick Start you will see 11 Steps. Take these steps at your own pace! The more you study this the better prepared you’ll be for the 3 day workshop and the more prepared you come the more you’ll get out of it!

  • Once I’m done with The Quick Start what do I do?

    Continue to prepare yourself for the 3 day workshop. Reading is a great way to prepare your mind to learn new things! A great book to read before the event is “How to win friends and influence people” or you could simply rewatch the Quick Start and take new notes!

  • What are the resources at the end?

    The Resources are extra tools that will help you a ton after the workshop! They contain an Underwriting Template, Direct Mail Campaigns, How to Find the owner of an LLC, 8 Questions Brokers Might Ask You, Resident Appreciation Ideas, Meetup Events 101, Thought Leadership Platforms!

  • I’m having the hardest time accessing The QuickStart and getting started, can you help me?

    Absolutely! Click on this link and schedule a 15 minute call with our Onboarding specialist Jackson Campbell and he call help you get started with the Quick Start! calendly.com/jacksoncampbell